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Get a limited lifetime warranty

You'll appreciate having a limited lifetime warranty on fiberglass structure and paint. This allows for your top to always look perfect on your truck, rather than old and weathered.


Learn more about the product and its warranties here.

Get a perfectly matched Unicover lid for your pickup of any make

and model


Select a dependable Unicover LT Series Lid

Plenty of options are available for your Unicover LT lid. Be confident you've chosen a product that is not only stylish, but offers security and convenience. Enjoy features that make it easy to open and keep latched tightly to protect any goods you have stored in your pickup bed.



The LT Lid is self-contained, eliminating the need for bolt-on hardware. Check them out today!



Plenty of options

In business since 2004, that's over 10 years of dependable service.


 •  Weather-tight lock with rotary cam latches

 •  Automotive four-bar hinges

 •  Pull-down straps

 •  Scissor-lift assist

 •  Official Unicover dealer

 •  Stop by to view options