placeholder-310-150 placeholder-310-150 Pick-up truck with flat cover

Lifetime warranty on some models

Rest assured that you've made the best purchase possible when you get a lifetime warranty for either structure, paint, or both. Your top will always look brand new!


See what the top you like best offers and have it installed in our shop.

Stop in and check out the full line of fiberglass covers that we carry for your truck!


Quality is a given when you invest in a fiberglass cover

You'll appreciate that all tops come standard with a molded fiberglass base rail, base coat clear coat paint, painted protective bottom trim,12v dome light, and recessed brake light. Many other options are available to you, like tinted glass, and side windows.

Purchase, install, and get service all in one location and at competitive prices.


Choose from 5 different models

Pick up both consumer and business truck covers here.


 •  Safari I

 •  Safari II

 •  Safari V

 •  Legend

 •  Pro Sport Package

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